We are kind of a mess over here.

Not even a week after Bucket was born we got a sickness in the house. Pops came down with a super high fever while we were on a trip to Florida (yes, we were on a trip, it was a special event). It ended up being a sad trip. We went to see Daddy Culburrito get his wings and to say good-bye to our BFTKC'S because orders to move far away came with the wings. With a sick Pops, we spent most of our time hiding in a hotel so as not to get a pregnant Mama Culburrito or her brood sick and didn't really get to spend time with anyone...
We returned home from the exhausting weekend and were welcomed by a flooded house! Someone closed the gray water tank and someone else left the water on a trickle for the cats. That tiny little trickle flooded the gray tank and the bathtub and left an inch of water on the floor. We had to empty out much of the house into the 105 degree sunshine. What a long, hot day! Thankfully we have a family in Christ here. Our Pastor and another man came with shop vacs and fans to suck up and dry out the trailer. We stayed with another family for two days while the house dried out. This was actually a wonderful time, we made some new friends and they even helped us celebrate Sis's 6th Birthday. What a generous body ! The only damage is the carpet is now swirled with discoloration, and several books and a few other things were ruined.
After being back home for just 2 days, Sis was knocked down with the fever. This morning Dad, Guys, and Boy all woke up with pink eye. Uhg! I am trying to keep the germs off Bucket, take care of the sic-kies, get enough sleep, and stay sane.
So if you don't mind, say a little prayer for us.
This too, shall pass!

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