No fluoride = No cavities

That's right, move over ADA... 

Based on my own research we decided we didn't think fluoride was a good idea. I know, I know. It was a crazy idea, especially since we had cavities every time we went I the dentist office. In fact, I had 16 fillings and gingivitis by the time my first son was born (yeah, I was 20) and my kiddos seemed to inherit my tooth genes. 

Despite such yuck mouth, I have always been a faithful dentist visitor. Everyone goes in every 6 months (almost). And every visit we had at least 2 cavities. Then we moved, and we purchased a Berkey and fluoride free toothpaste. When we transferred here we had to make new dental relationships. Our new dentist is a great guy, he has 8 children and a bajillion grandchildren, but was completely shocked that we don't use fluoride. I stated my case, but he said he'd have to see it to believe. (He thought I was a little crazy) So, we didn't go to the dentist for almost two years. I was ready for just about any prognosis, but he was shocked. That is right, all 9 of us, no cavities.

Do your research, check out what fluoride really is. Stop being a drone. We are each responsible for our own health! Don't trust the FDA, USDA, ADA, CDC- or any other alphabet soup- they DON'T have your best interest in mind. The government isn't your babysitter. The government isn't your Savior. ;-)

~just sayin

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