Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Our tradition is to do a scavenger hunt for our Birthday celebrations, but Dad is the mastermind behind the riddles.  For his birthday, I hid his gifts in plain sight.

It was a total success!  When he went to get his morning reading, something was out of place...

Happy Birthday to a very special Father, Husband, and Man! We are so blessed to have you and we love you because:
  1. God gave you to us!
  2. You provide for us nourishing food, and a plentiful home.
  3. You take us special places, and do fun things with us.
  4. You send us postcards, gifts, and letters when you have to be away.
  5. You make us videos so we can feel your presence when away.
  6. You tuck us in every night that you are home.
  7. You make our family table important, and you make it a priority to share every meal with us.
  8. You cause us to grow in conversation, thinking on challenging ideas
  9. You make us laugh, sometimes even too much!
  10. You teach us the importance of hard work.
  11. You help us with our chores.
  12. You play games with us.
  13. You make us smile, even when we feel sad.
  14. You read to us, and by your example, help us foster a deep love for good books.
  15. You remind and challenge us to read.
  16. You foster a love of music in our home.
  17. You teach us, and practice music with us.
  18. You provide for us to take music lessons.
  19. You help us recognize and use our talents for God's glory.
  20. You provide for us the best education.
  21. You never stop learning.
  22. You cause us to never stop learning.
  23. You value marriage and you love our mom.
  24. You, by your constant example, show us the importance of reading God's word every day.
  25. You teach us about God's word.
  26. You help us understand God's word.
  27. You call for us to recognize our sin.
  28. You correct us and show us our need for Grace.
  29. You show us God's grace, and forgive us when we are wrong.
  30. You lead us in humility by admitting your faults and asking for forgiveness.
  31. You stand up for what is right, even when it isn't popular.
  32. You love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and with all your mind.
  33. You are you!

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