School Supplies ~ Must Have Items

As you can imagine with seven children we need a never ending supply of socks, underwear, pencils and paper. And since my children truly prefer things like books, animal encyclopedias, puzzles, and maps, over toys and gadgets, school supplies are a big deal in our house.  You won't see my children more excited than when the UPS truck pulls up with our new school books and supplies for the quarter.  That is awesome.

If someone had told me when I was a young girl that as an adult I could take out stock on pencils, markers, and construction paper, I probably would have rolled my eyes or made some kind of snarky comment.

Fast forward and imagine that I just spent an hour researching reviews for a good pencil sharpener that would hold up to 643 sharpens per day 6 days a week, and perhaps work in a van as well? (is there such a thing??)  I wouldn't care to admit how much $ I spend on pencils, erasers, and wide ruled paper.  At least 5 times a day someone yells out "where is my pencil?" and at least once a week I yelp as I accidentally sit on a pencil lost in the cushion of the couch.

I am so glad we save money on back-packs, school clothes, and gym uniforms, all we need are pajamas, right? snicker

We don't actually wear pajamas all day, and we do use back-packs (we do school in the van often)

I absolutely LOVE homeschooling!  Our dining room is also our school, the living room is the library, the kitchen is the art room, and bedrooms are offices, my van is the bus. We are pencil experts and love trying new products.  Every day is an adventure filled with the love of learning.

Here are some School Supplies of which we can't get enough:

These are the best pencils- they seem to hold up the longest and the lead doesn't fall out as much as the others.  We tried mechanical pencils but there are eraser-eating-gremlins in my house, and without an eraser, the lead dumps on the floor.

Our Favorite (disappearing) Pens

Printer Paper

Primary Paper

Cursive Paper

Construction Paper


Colored Pencils

Bands for keeping our drinks straight

Dry Erase Markers

Here are some "Dream Come True"  items we would love for our school...

A Globe

Electric Pencil Sharpener

National Geographic Kids Magazine

World Magazine

Sentence Practice

Math Manipulatives

If you make any purchases via these links above, our family will earn a few pennies that we will use toward our school supplies.  We appreciate your support!

Homeschooling friends, what are your favorite school items?  

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