Giving Thanks, Thanksgiving Everyday

I think we should celebrate Thanksgiving every day, all year long.  Perhaps not the feasting part, but the heart part.  We are surrounded by a culture of ingratitude and entitlement, and it can be easy to fall into the trap of discontentment.  This year my husband wanted a feast of remembrance.  So a feast we had!

We saw a rainbow out back, reminding us of God's promises.

Everyone had to pitch in to make this feast happen.

Our friends from Mississippi sent us this recipe.  It was always a hit at potlucks back there, and happened to fair just as well in Washington also.

The Thanksgiving Table

Hot Potato, Hot Potato

A place for everyone.

We were grateful to have many friends join us.

This is Butter's good friend that she insists on sitting with at church.  She's telling good stories too!

These boys have been friends since birth...

Here gleaning wisdom from friends.

Fellowship with friends around the table, is so special.

Belle and her friend.

Young Gentlemen

A lady-bug-bucket enjoying some...everything.

Though we are sad that we don't get to see our families very often, we are still thankful for the wonderful family God has blessed us with here in Oak Harbor.

Praying that the Lord blesses you also this wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

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