It's Beginning to Feel a lot like Sickmas!

Er, I mean Christmas!

I absolutely love the holiday season.  October begins with several birthdays and carries right on through with Thanksgiving, more birthdays, Christmas, and then more birthdays until the end of January.  It is one celebration after another in our house full of warmth, feasting, and fun.

It is also full of fevers and coughs and long nights.  With this many coming in and out of our home, and  a pot luck or party every week, I suppose it's inevitable.  I am learning to roll with it.  I realized this year that as the Christmas decorations go up, one of us goes down.

I have a huge pot of homemade chicken stock on the back of the stove, plenty of garlic to go around, and vitamin C galore.  
Today we are going to throw out the schedule and cuddle on the couch while reading Christmas books. 

The littles need to nap and recuperate from the flu.  Mom just needs to nap.

What are your family traditions during the flu season?

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