Truly Blessed

The best anniversary ever!  If you haven't yet, please read part 1 of our anniversary.

I wasn't joking in my last post when I said we were dancing in the minefields.  When talking about covenants my husband shared briefly with our children during dinner that our marriage certificate had been destroyed.  He kindly left out most of the details, much to my relief.  Especially since I, in my complete foolishness, had ripped it to shreds. Three days after we were married.  Three days.   I had no understanding at all of what marriage meant.

I happened upon this perfect blog post  from a blog I regularly read.  Here is a little excerpt:
A Christian marriage begins with the reality that marriage is God designed and God instituted and has a purpose far beyond this temporary life... The truth about marriage reminds me often of how far short I fall. His divine design is inspiring...yet sobering and convicting to me...
~ Bambi from In the Nursery of the Nation
I couldn't agree more!  Praise the Lord for His redeeming Grace.

I only tell you about my ripped up marriage certificate so you can understand the preciousness of the gift my darling husband gave me.  I was completely surprised, and once again reminded of the Grace of God.

Since my husband thought he was going to be gone on deployment for our anniversary he wanted something really special.  He got several people in on the deal, all without my knowing.

Our marriage certificate!

Isn't it beautiful?!  He had to go through great pains to keep this a surprise!
 Friends ordered our marriage certificate from Virginia, my mother-in-law asked me (back in June) for a family picture (so I mailed it to Colorado and she mailed it back here to the framer, lol) 
He chose a very special verse about marriage, had it beautifully framed and hand delivered to me.

I think it is the most thoughtful and meaningful gift ever, and I am so honored to be the wife of my husband. 

Even my children made the day very special. They had some of our friends pick them up for a couple of hours and we had no idea what was going on.
They baked us a cake (a flourless, gluten-free cake!) beautifully decorated it, made strawberries with whipped cream (homemade with no sugar), and even pooled their money together and bought a bottle of bubbly.  How romantic!

This day is special to them, too.  More than they know yet.   It is my prayer that our children will know the Lord, know His grace, and one day understand the blessings of a godly marriage. ~the example of Christ and His Bride.

This was a heartwarming day.  May the Lord fill the earth, and to Him be the Glory!

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