Mr. Pilot's Trip to Guam - Part 1

Well, yes, I was actually in Guam for the past two weeks.  And while the trip was every bit as complicated and tedious as you'd expect, I did manage to get about 2 whole days! off to visit the area.  

This is the view from the hotel that I was staying in.  It's a fairly nice view, and I did go down to the pool (below the picture line) and to the water the first day I was there. Honestly, I was busy every single day after that till next Sunday, and it 'looked' wonderful.  Since I did little more than wade in it, I can't speak for any of its other qualities, but the view was spectacular.

Since I was working so much I only had a little bit of time to 'see the sights', naturally I went to the local yokels...

I'm just kidding...Actually these are the fellow saints I met from Faith CRC on Guam.  A delightful looking group.  They were kind enough to drag along a tourist on their hiking expedition for what we were informed (by our officially 'un-official' National Park Ranger guide, think fishing hat) was not technically called spelunking but cave exploration.  We weren't sure if spelunking technically meant wearing more gear, like helmets???  


  : the hobby or practice of exploring caves


[MOVIE TRAILER NARRATOR VOICE]: Here our adventurers are preparing for an incredible spelunking journey into the abysmal Guamese abyss'sses. 

Unsure of their fates, knowing that God was their determiner, they make preparations to meet the Maker at every turn...

The preparations for this intrepid expedition is about to could cut the tension with a hankie.

[ADVENTURERS]: Is this gonna be 45min? 1 hour?  2 hours!?!  

[ME]: I better get some more trail mix... 

[NARRATOR]: It doesn't matter if you describe this adventure as spelunking or not!  They bring gloves, headlamps, snacks, and water. Armed with all the trimmings of danger and DEATH!  Prepared for anything...almost.

They fearlessly journey into the pits of doom and despair, never sure if they would return to loved ones again!  

Gut wrenching silence...

[ME]: BOO!

[NARRATOR]: Eerie sounds bellow from the great deeps.


[ME]: Oops, that was me!  Where's my trail mix?

[NARRATOR]: The view from this perilous cliff could only be accessed by braving some of the most aggressive and persistent blood sucking insects in the galaxy...

Don't be fooled by the look on their faces, they have suffered mental anxiety and physical exhaustion on a level few mortals have ever lived to describe.  It is only because of their fearless devotion to their cause, and desire to inspire comfort in their loved ones that they make a good show despite the proximity to mortal death...

Down into the depths they descend.

Each adventurer knows that the only path to survival is dependent on their ability to congeal into a team.

Down they descend...

Up they climb

And then back down...

And then back up...


Awkward Silence...

Here they pause to gather themselves.  And tell tales to inspire each other.

It is here that the guide and others tell them that they are actually "out in the boonies"... An urban term to most, rooted in the islands of Micronesia. This is all too familiar territory for our weathered guide, his success in leading numerous parties through the Boonies is only surpassed by his love for the dramatic and dangerous!  Both of which he seeks and encounters on this adventure...(Foreshadowing)

But these explorers have little time to relax and tell stories, important as morale is, they know death is waiting in the next venemous spider's bite.

[ME]: What did you say?

Our undaunted travelers return from the journey through the first of many deadly caves.  There is no turning back now...The only way to salvage a chance at returning to civilization is by continuing on a monstrous assent up the slippery walls of doom!

[ME]:  Hey look...a frog!

The journey has become so hazardous that they must gather food at every juncture, never sure when the next meal will avail itself.

The kids are gonna love this!  Hey guys look, I caught a frog!

Tune in next time for the continuation of:

The Perilous Journey Into and Out Of the Abysmal Guamese Abyss'sesssses

[ADVENTURERS]: Did you eat that frog...?

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