Thank you, Mr. North!

All right!  (I found out recently this is actually two words, but for some reason had imported the idea that it was one word by my poor english...)

I've been a subscriber to Gary North's free weekly tip web-site.  He is absolutely filled with fantastic Christian ideas, is a strong promoter of biblical economics, is extremely well read, and has written almost too many books for me to absorb, most of which are FREE because he's more concerned about the ideas then about the profit.  For example, Dr. North has been publishing his lifelong project, an Economic Commentary on the Bible, in pdf form, a book per week, for FREE.  He's been working on it since the 70s and it is absolutely filled with good biblical information that far exceeds the economic landscape.  I highly recommend poking around his website.

Anyways, he sent out as this morning's weekly tip, to start a book review site.  Focusing on one author,  that I like, and write a review on all of that author's books.

I love this idea!  It incorporates a few of the things I already love:

Reading books
Sharing a Christian message with people
Using cultural tools to further a biblical worldview

I also really appreciate that this would be a blog that could be useful to someone who really wanted to know what this author is about before getting engaged in more of his work.

My wife already gave me a fantastic author to start with, one who hasn't written 50 books! but would still be interesting to review.

After we both got done watching the Vision Forum conference last weekend, I was inspired.

 I think it would be fantastic to review Joel Salatin.  He's a very interesting author, and he gets a lot of exposure in crowds that don't always run in Christian circles.  Plus, it will give me the ability to promote another Christian's work in a field that isn't receiving much Christian exposure!

Please pray for God's blessing in this new endeavor.

Mr. Pilot

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