Local. Organic. Small Family Business.

I am all about it!

and on the way home we saw this beauty:

If you find yourself with nothing to do this weekend,  join me!
Well, sort of...  I am attending this conference online:

The Reformation of 

Food & the Family

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Food as Family Culture
  • The Theology of Mealtime
  • The Politicization of Food
  • The Future of Food in America
  • The Joy of Culinary Wisdom
  • Avoiding Food Heresies
  • Food and Frugality
  • The Art of Hospitality
  • Informed Stewardship of the Body
  • And Many More!

Speakers Include:

  • Joel Salatin
  • Chef Francis Foucachon
  • Doug Phillips
  • And Many More!

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  1. I only mentioned that conference to Heath a few minutes ago. I haven't even shown him the link yet. He said, "Yeah, buy it." lol We will be attending in spirit!!


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