Out of sorts...

My life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately.  I can't pinpoint exactly the cause, but it seems like I'm on a treadmill and I'm not loosing any weight.  Or something.

It has been one thing after another, summer birthdays, figuring out how to overcome rising grocery costs with 9 mouths to feed, several friends having new babies, my broken thyroid and possible adrenal problems...

Mr. Pilot has been "working" almost every night.  He hasn't been flying so he doesn't feel like its work, but he has been standing duty until midnight even on weekends because that is what they are having him to do right now.  It's makes having a normal schedule kinda hard.

We start school on Monday.  We normally school year round but had planned to take the summer off.  We did take some time off after Biscuit was born, but had to press since we still had a lot to finish.  We still have some straggly-loose ends so it feels like we never took a break.   We are excited for the new school year though, we will be starting Tapestry year 3.  We still love that curriculum and highly recommend it, especially if you are teaching more than one grade level.

I think, mostly, my frazzledness has to do with the perpetual "my husband could be leaving tomorrow for a very long period of time" predicament.  I read that pre-deployment really puts a strain on a family, but I can't find any advice about the supposed-to-leave-two-months-ago-so-deployment-is-any-day type of pre-deployment.  Thankfully, the details of the delay are so ridiculous that we find comfort in knowing only God could orchestrate this and are attempting to simply enjoy this "extra" time.

My husband has requested to take some leave so that we could perhaps enjoy a few days of respite.

and this little Biscuit is growing so fast, she just loves to make eyebrows, coo and gurgle at us!

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