The spaghetti of my mind.

I am typing this with my thumbs. I've been waiting for days for the Internet to be fixed but I am giving up hope. So, I am typing with my thumbs on a phone that thinks it's smart. So smart it types mr when I mean me. And zooming when I mean spinning. Why yes, smart phone, I meant to say Minch instead of meant. Whatever that means. So sorry you might have to guess what I'm talking about... ;-)

It's cold out. So cold that anything touching an outside wall of the trailer is wet. Like my new feather pillow. And a brand new package of now soggy 24 rolls of septic safe (not cheap) toilet paper and whatever is under the couch and in the cupboards that I am pretending don't exist since we are moving soon. Even though we may not be moving for a month and stuff will be Milton- no, oh smart phone, I didn't mean Milton. I meant molding. But I can't see it so I'm pretending it's not happening...

Some dear friends are out of town for Christmas and have so graciously loaned us their house for the rest of the month. I am so excited, never mind we need to feed their goats and chickens that sometimes sneak in the house. There is an oven, a shower, a bed, and Internet. Oh, and a refrigerator that is above 32 degrees and it will make me feel like I am with friends even though they aren't there. We said goodbye to them last night not knowing if we will still be here when they get back or not. That makes for a very anticlimactic farewell to some very close friends. I am sad.

Mr. Pilot has 4 more flights before he gets "soft winged." that is where he is unofficially a pilot and gets to wear wings on his name tag but isn't quite yet a pilot. We are supposed to spray him with the fire hose when he lands that last flight. It's 38 degrees. That would be awfully cold. But, it's tradition, right?
We find out a week from today where we are going. The same day my mother-in-law flies in and my mom and step-dad drive in.
A week from tomorrow my family will get all dressed up to go on stage and pin daddy's wings on him. I will cry. It will be amazing.

Then there will be the after party. Apparently it's being planned by some single guys because it starts at 8:30 pm on Thursday and consists of a band, 3 kegs, $1,800 of booze, and $100 of food. And we have to pay for it. Even though we won't be going. Because it starts at 8:30. And 1800 dollars worth of alcohol. And no food. I see nothing good coming out of that situation. I find it an incredibly tacky way to celebrate something my husband has been waiting for many years to achieve. It's high-schoolish and in my opinion completely infantile and lame. Just sayin.

A week from Sunday is Daddy's birthday. What a busy week!

I have tons of pictures to share with you, if the Internet man ever comes around. I've called the front office three days in a row now, and she assures me they are working on it. She sounds just as annoyed as I am. I hope she's annoyed at the Internet man and not me.

The weather is bad today. So bad we got a serious weather warning. It might snow. And leave a light dusting on metallic objects. That is what the report actually says. 4 years ago the serious warning we got was 5 feet of snow in less than 5 hours and the city shut down. We couldn't open our front door for the snow and had to admit defeat in our challenge of going the whole winter without turning on the furnace. Of course that was Colorado, not Mississippi. Either way, it's bad enough I just got a text from my husband that he was canx. That means canceled. Don't the clouds and dusting of snow know that he must complete those 4 flights or nothing can happen next week?!

Enough rambling like noodles in a bowl of spaghetti for now. If you've kept reading this far, pray for sunshine and warmer days, you know, so my husband can get his wings and my pillows won't get moldy.


  1. Very lovely post! Hang in there, fly boys must fly, and God must see the necessity of giving them some weather to fly in!

  2. So thankful for a home for you right now, just when you need it :) Excited about all the rest too (except that silly party, *eye roll*). Can't wait for updates!


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