He's Done It!

Soft Wings for Mr. Pilot!

He is unofficially a Naval Aviator!

Thank the Lord for a warmer day!  We waiting very excitedly for Mr. Pilot's final landing as a student.

There we are, time for the traditional Hose Down!  We have been waiting for this moment for what seems like years.  

Can you see the dread anticipation on his face?  I said it was warmer, as in 40 degrees instead of 32.  It was awfully chilly!

This is incredibly priceless to me.  Sheer Joy was on almost everyone's face.  I said almost.
Pops was SO upset, he did not like this idea one bit!!!

Whew, glad that is over!

The guys said he had to hug me with his wet coldness.  It was worth it!

XO-"Do you want your wings?"
Mr. Piot Shivering- "Why yyyyes, Ssssir.  I think I do!"

We were prepared though, and handed daddy over a fresh flight suit to warmly wear his new set of Wings.

Just a small little happy to celebrate the moment.  I am so proud of my dear husband!

A special dinner for a deserving man.

Guess he thought it was good ;~)


 Congratulations Daddy!  What a blessing and an honor to be along for this journey with you.
May God always bless your Wings of Gold!


  1. Thank you so much for posting the pics!

  2. How awesome!!
    Congratulations Mr. Pilot!!!

    Those pictures are priceless. Pops was hilarious!

  3. congratulations from all of us!!

  4. Loved reading this and seeing the pics!! What fun, and so exciting!! :D


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