Baby Face

My midwife said I should get an ultrasound so the doc's won't have any excuse to recommend a c-section in labor. Plus they wanted to make sure baby will be big enough if I go into labor early or something like that...

I had been a bit concerned because I was feeling lots of kicks in my hip, a lot like when Butter was breach so I agreed to have the scan. 

On June 23rd Baby Bucket was measuring 5.5lbs (plenty big) and is head down.
Way. Down.
here is a nose, lips, cheeks, a fist over the eyes, and a bunch of other stuff

and the ultrasound confirmed there is a foot in my left hip
here are some toes and my hip bone

I cannot imagine Bucket is very comfortable being head down with a foot in my hip, but it is much better then not being head down with a foot in my hip.

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