My Little Sister Got Married

Belle, Bucket, Biscuit (just trying that name out, it was Belle's idea...) and I went to my little sister's wedding in Iowa last weekend.  Iowa is very far away!  It took a shuttle ride, a ferry ride, a hotel stay, a bus ride, two airplane rides, and an hour and a half car ride to get to my dad's house.  Whew! It was worth it!  I have tons of pictures and we got to see tons of family.

I'm just going to post a couple of the photos because I may never get around to sorting and posting from the trip!  

Bucket watching Miss Patty Cake on the plane ride

and Biscuit snoozing

hanging out just before the rain started

Bride and Groom.  My aunt made the cake.

the centerpiece my brother carved

Biscuit and Grandma

Belle hosted the guest book table

My dad had to keep her dress out of the mud

my little (younger, but bigger) brother helping Bucket through the mud

my little brother and his daughter

Perhaps I will find time later this week to tell you about the 95 degrees (we are now accustom to 55 degree summers,) the pouring rain, and the almost tornado that thankfully did not steal my sister's joy but made for a memorable wedding, eating snapping turtle and frog legs, feeding great grandpa's deer, holding a squirrel, and cat fishing... 

It is always an adventure with my family!

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  1. I love the nickname Biscuit. I've actually called Lucy Buscuit a few time lately.
    And my jeep was named hibiscus and we called her biscuit for short.

    Loved the picture of bucket in her headphones.


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