more from Iowa

This is my little brother and Biscuit

My dad, Belle, our good friend's fiancé (who doesn't speak any engilsh!) and our dinner.

about the only moment Bucket was smiling- she doesn't like the pool

Biscuit with great uncle and great grandpa

Belle doing chores with great grandpa

great grandpa and Belle feeding Cookie.  My grandpa got Cookie the same week Belle was born, and I have pictures from the newspaper of Belle with Cookie when they were about 4 months old.

Biscuit with great grandma, and grandma (my mom)

Belle with my grandpa's new pet squirrel

Biscuit and grandpa (my step-dad)

Biscuit with great grandma

frog legs

frog legs for dinner

Biscuit with grandpa (my dad)

Biscuit with grandpa and grandma

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  1. Oh my word. Those frog legs may possibly be the most disgusting things I have ever seen!!! All naked and raw! lolol


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