We had a couple birthdays...

Sis turned 7 and Pops turned 3 while I was on my blogging hiatus.   Here are some pictures for you.

 I was quite pleased that Sis requested Thai food for her birthday meal.  I certainly can't make that, so we had a lovely visit at one of the many local Thai restaurants in town. She has good taste, YUM!

I requested an ice cream cake from a sweet friend, I have got to learn how to make these!

And for her gift, I sewed matching dresses for Sis and her doll.   I loved making them, and plan to make more.

Sissy, you are turning into such a lovely young lady.  Your compassion and affection for others is such a blessing!  May your light shine for Christ always and may all who are in your presence be blessed!
Happy Birthday, Sis!

Pops got an impromptu party with a few friends, what a nice surprise!

We have a Cowboy-Jedi on our hands, watch out!

Pops was a bit overwhelmed by all of the excitement and attention that was on him, although extremely witty, he is actually quite shy.  He is becoming an incredibly sweet and cheerful young man, and is forever making us laugh.  Pops, may the virtue of cheerfulness be with you always, and may you seek the Lord with your whole heart!
Happy Birthday, Pops!


  1. Thanks so much for posting all the pics! The parties look fun!

  2. I'm so glad you are blogging again!!

  3. oh...that was from me...heather newcomb


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