The Chickens are doing their job, finally!

One morning we heard this ridiculous chicken sound coming from the back yard.  We all ran to see what was causing all the commotion, apparently there was an "I laid an egg!" celebration going on.  We quickly joined in, FINALLY, an egg!!!

It was like that first chicken clued the others in, because the eggs started coming very quickly after that.  They are soooo loud when the are laying, it is our bell to run out and collect. 

Two of the chickens lay every day, three lay every other day, and one still hasn't figured it out...

Aren't they pretty?  Like already dyed easter eggs.  

Look at Butter holding her apron like a princess or something, lol, with a chicken inspecting her work.

We had no idea how much fun having chickens would be. Every one of us is really enjoying them and we can't wait to move out in the country with more land, so we can have a whole bunch more chickens!

"The ladies" all gather around the patio step every time we are at the table, almost like they are on stage or something.  It is so funny, and brings us so much entertainment.


  1. WOW, those are some AWESOME eggs you guys! I think the chickens are earning their keep finally!

  2. These are AWESOME pictures!!!! I love them. And I love chickens.

    beautiful beautiful chickens!!!

    heather n.


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