Chicken is NOT on the menu!

We found a great home for Rhubarb.  I called someone who knew somebody and the problem was solved, just like that.  I love knowing people.  Country life is the place for me!

We took Rhubarb to a horse farm that also raises chickens, and though the farmer said he couldn't promise me the outcome of him when we talked on the phone, but he would let Butter say a happy farewell and we would'nt have to scar her for life.

We said our good-byes and loaded Rhubarb into the van.  
You know how certain smells can take you back in time?  Well, my van smelled like my grandma's chicken coop.  Not as nice as "Grandma's sweet apple pie" or something like that, but it  reminded me of my grandma, none the less...

The farmer was very kind and sensitive to a 4 year old's love for her rooster.  He explained that she needed to not worry over what was about to take place, Rhubarb was just going to establish his place in the pecking order of this flock.  We watched in nervous anticipation as we introduced him to the other birds.  Feathers were instantly flying and wings flapping, but wouldn't you know, he took over that hen house in a matter of minutes!  Seriously, he showed all the other roosters who was boss and won the farmer's heart.  The farmer's other roosters were hatched the same time as Rhubarb, but they were all very plain looking and much smaller.  He fell in love with Rhubarb's strut and was so pleased that he had some color to add to his farm. 

Rhubarb was top dog, er, rooster, and will have a long and happy life doing what roosters do.
Plus, we can visit Rhubarb any time we want. 

That is what I call a win, win!
(I am so relieved I don't have to eat my daughter's pet.)

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