Frozen Pickles, Thawed!

I decided I didn't want anymore frozen pickles so I put everything from the fridge into a cooler so we could thaw out the ice.

I should have done this a long time ago, stuff was actually stuck in the frozen ice mess!

It was taking too long for my liking so I set the heater to speed up the process.

here is what it is supposed to look like...

guess we have another regular chore to add to the list. Working is good!


  1. That's awesome. You guys rock.

    Kait Culburrito

  2. Those are great pictures of your fridge. Very good photography. I especially like the close up of the glass jar of grain or popcorn at the top.

  3. You are just jelous that I have mad photo skills and a super awesome fridge...

  4. Yes. I admit that.
    But are you jealous that I can spell the word "jealous"? I guess I'll always have that going for me.

  5. Oh, and I'm eating a giant turtle brownie right now.
    Oh the chocolate and caramel...
    NOW you can be jealous.

  6. I never said I could spell. That might be why I spend so much on a dictionary for my children ;~)

    Put some of your turtle brownie in the freezer so I can eat it next time I am there, and I won't be JEALOUS any more. LOL!


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