let me jump right in...

I realized today that if I keep waiting for the perfect first post to come along I will never make a post. So I guess I'll just get started. I am no writer, I am an awful speller, and I have horrible grammar. Yes, I can still homeschool my children successfully despite all of these inadequacies; I have a teacher's manual. ;~)

This will be the simple ramblings of our wonderful life. It is often chaotic; we are a God fearing, homeschooling, active duty US Navy Pilot's family with 5 children, 2 cats, 1 dog, and fleas.

I often found myself wondering (read complaining loudly) why flight school had to be in the Florida panhandle. I really didn't know what I was in for- no one at the housing office mentioned cockroaches the size of birds, swarms of mosquitoes, fire ants in your pants, two lane highways with no passing zones (we lived in San Diego for 6 years), sweltering hot sticky muggy days, and fleas. I am a Midwestern not-a-sissy gal, but coming from our last duty station in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, this was all quite a shock. But as usual, now that our time here is coming to a close (hopefully) I am shown once again that God's plan is SUPER AWESOME and I have made some amazing friends and learned some incredible truths that I would never have learned if I didn't have fleas.
I don't really have fleas, but it is a war.

Buzzzzz.... Dinner is ready.

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