I Used to be a Night Owl.

Why is it that first children to rise in the morning are the ones with the hungriest tummies and the least ability to help themselves?
I am typically greeted in the morning by one or all three of the youngest children and they are almost always asking for food.
It's like a contest for Dad and me to wake-up at least an hour before them so we can have coffee and bible together before the hustle and bustle of life begins. Seems that no matter how early we get up though, the little munchers are right behind us! Since dad has not been here to coax me out from under my down comforter with coffee in the wee hours of darkness, I have been oversleeping (until 7am!) and therefore being greeted by all sorts of 2 and 4 year old bright-eyed conversation.

This morning over oatmeal that tiny hands helped make (by help I mean sprinkle the cinnamon all over the counter, stir melting butter onto the back of the stove, and have a most delightful time doing it! BTW~ the joy they have is totally worth the mess!) Butter (4) decided to give Pops (2) a lesson when I left the table to change the baby:

"Pops, China is a bad place. We don't want to go there. That is where people talk Spanish like "see-da-den-ma-doh" and that is how bad guys talk so China is bad." In a very matter-of-fact-teacher voice.

After a long pause Pops replied "uh, say thank you to me for making the oatmeal."

"Oh, thanks Poppies (that is Butter's newest nickname for Pops), it's soooo good and I made it too!"

Where do they get this stuff? It was so hard to not bust out laughing. I love it!


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