Awaiting Daddy's Arrival.

Boy, I really dropped the ball on y'all.  I sure hope you aren't waiting to hear what happened to Mr. Pilot with the same anticipation as I was.  I am sorry I left you just hanging...

He Qualified!  I didn't have any doubt what he would, but still, He QUALIFIED!  I am married to a Pilot Guy who lands jets on ships.  That is completely crazy awesome.  In my opinion.

It was intense. For me.

So I can't even imagine how intense it was for Mr. Pilot.  But I'll have to let you all know later this week how it went for him because we are going to pick him up from the airport in a few hours and I will be too busy soaking up all the quality time I can get to post here.

I am sure you understand.

We CAN'T wait!

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  1. That is so awesome!! We are so proud to know you guys!! Kudos and hugs :D


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