Thanksgiving Traditions...

This year we had a food fight for Thanksgiving. Well, it was the weekend before Thanksgiving, but in celebration of it none-the-less. That is right, we had a full on mashed potato throwing, macaroni slinging, jell-o smacking food fight with our Culburrito Friends.

The children had been talking about it for months, devising up plans and ending phone calls and emails with "are you ready for mashed potatoes in your face?!" They boys had well thought out plans of making launchers and slingshots to attack the adults. The adults were trying to plan the best and most frugal foods to waste, and figure out where the least damage would be done.

We realized we were loosing light fast and since we didn't want to start the fight with the actual Thanksgiving food with-in reach, we quickly came up with a plan. We took the bowls of the throwing food outside while the children were off playing and completely unsuspecting. I was finishing up last minute dinner preparations when I was called outside by another adult to finish helping out there. I stepped out side and got mashed potatoes in the face. All of the sudden the adults were all slopping food at each other and the children were no where in site! It didn't take long though, they probably heard the squeals of hilarious laughter. 4 adults, 1 teen-ager, and 9 children covered themselves, the porch, the grill, the yard, the dogs, and everything else in sight with a Thanksgiving feast.

Once the food was gone and we all looked at each other with mashed potatoes dripping out of our noses and jell-o clumps falling out of our hair, we realized we had forgotten to plan the cleaning up part. Clumps of mashed potatoes fell on the floor as we took turns taking showers. I was one of the lucky few that got a warm shower.

The two babies missed out on the fun, but I think they watched from the back door. The two two-year-olds didn't really fight with the food at all. I think they were baffled by this horrible disregard from all of the rules there were ever taught about table manners, I am not really sure. Butter was very upset when mashed potatoes landed in her cup of water and she refused to throw the carrots I gave her. I heard her a few days later though, talking to herself early one morning. She said "next time we dunna have a food fight, I not dunna cry, and I dunna frow food at my daddy and friends" so that was reassuring.

The next day the children were extremely excited to tell their friends at church all about putting mashed potatoes in the parents faces and hair.

I didn't take my camera outside, you understand, but we did have a couple of video cameras set up in the yard. Some day I will upload the video.

Even without pictures, I think this is a Thanksgiving feast that will never be forgotten.


  1. That is hilarious, and so fun!!! What a great memory!! :D

  2. Ya-aya! It was awesome! I'm gonna be working on what little video I got of it today - If I remember to have Ryan put the video on the computer for me.
    I'm so USB illiterate.


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